Luxury You Can Afford

It all starts with understanding. My first task is understanding the client’s wants and needs. Beyond the basic goals, understanding how a client wants their space to feel is essential to creating custom interior designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and an extension of the client’s personality.

I try to understand my client’s expectations and working style. Some clients expect the interior designer to make all the decisions. Some are very hands-on and need only limited assistance.

By taking the time to understand my client from the beginning, the design process is smoother, more productive, and enjoyable.

Whether the scope of a project is one room or an entire home, my mandate is to discover and define every aspect of my client’s wants, needs—and even wildest dreams—as well as budgets, sticking points, and limits. I do so through a series of dialogues that, over time, allows me to develop longstanding relationships with my clients. I listen carefully to make sure I recognize the exact needs of my clients and address the requirements of their spaces.

Once all the elements of a design are in place, I execute final orders, create timelines, and coordinate on-site construction work and installations. I manage every step and stage of the procurement, production, and installation process. I am hands-on. I am there. You are not simply a project number, but rather people with expectations that I meet.

I create spaces that are efficient and effective but reflect each client’s individuality and leave them with a new-found love and appreciation of their homes.

My ultimate goals are beautiful spaces and happy clients.