Craig’s Story

Based in the Boston area since attending school here, I began my career working for established designers. I took advantage of these early years to learn, explore, and digest the world of design in depth, training myself to look at things in new and innovative ways. I continued working for various firms for a number of years until I knew it was time for me to branch off on my own so that I could both lead the way through my vision of design and also work with those who would benefit from my style of personal attention that I bring to a project.

I understand that a strong client-designer team leads to solid decisions and paves the way for perfect results. The process of design should be enjoyable and satisfying; this philosophy applies to projects large, small, and in between. Whether designing an entire living space, a kitchen, or a bath, all projects command the same attention to detail and level of commitment. I pride myself on being a truly personalized service: the client is never just a project number, but real people whom I get to know. When questions arise, I am always the one who will respond, because I am the person who will have been there through every phase of the project. I recognize that active communication between client and designer is at the heart of every successful collaboration.

As we approach your design, I will listen to what you want. I know how to hear you, work through what you want and what you need, and expose you to – ideas that perhaps you hadn’t thought of. I want to enlighten and enrich your surroundings and your overall home. My trained and creative eye will expand your viewpoint and encourage you to look at your living spaces in new and unique ways.

I look forward to having the chance to help you realize your own potential and lead you on a path to great design and great spaces.